US Letter Size Mental Health Therapy Journal Workbook

US Letter Size Mental Health Therapy Journal Workbook

The MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY JOURNAL is a 30 page instant digital download pack specifically designed to be your first port of call on the journey back to happiness. 


You've landed here for a reason and we can help you to find some answers.


We've been helping people in our private counselling practice with our techniques and worksheets for the best part of a decade...but we thought it would be amazing if we could bring our brand of therapy to the masses. We see client after client begin to understand themselves, gain clarity and make changes, and we want that for you, too.


Whether you're really struggling with your mental health or just feeling a little lost in your life. 

Whether you're already working with a therapist or managing it yourself.


This pack will help you.


We offer a guided journey through every area of your life and your current struggles using all of our therapist experience and expertise to help you to work on yourself in a really easy way. 


Our downloadable journal sheets are beautifully designed and come with clear instructions and questions to help you to get the most out of them. 



Change can't happen in your life without gaining some self-awareness first, and that needn't feel scary or hard to do.


We recommend you download this foundation pack first - when complete, it offers a mental health 'snapshot' and a clear picture of where you are in your world right now. 

When you have this basic knowledge, you can clearly see what you need to work on and you can then add any more sheets that are relevant to you, and your unique struggles. 


This is an Instant Digital Download. Upon your purchase, you will immediately receive a link to download your order. 

We're also available for contact via our Facebook page 'TheLittleMentalHealthShop' if you feel you need further support when you have worked through the sheets. 

We don't call ourselves the UK's friendliest counsellors for nothing - don't be a stranger!


Included in the purchase-


1) Pack of 5 separate cover sheets


2) Mental Health Therapy Journal - 30 pages 


PART ONE - Where Are You At In Your Life Right Now? (Instruction sheet)

( 1 ) Mental Health Check-In

( 2 ) Life Categories

( 3 ) Problem Areas

( 4 ) So, What's Missing?

( 5 ) What Are My Usual Coping Strategies?

( 6 ) What Could My New Coping Strategies Be?

( 7 ) CAP Planner


PART TWO - Dealing With Thoughts & Emotions (Instruction sheet)

( 8 ) Negative Thinking Styles

( 9 ) Emotional Response Styles

( 10 ) My Own Thinking & Feeling Styles

( 11 & 12 ) Tips For Tackling Emotional Responses

( 13 & 14 ) Common Emotional Defence Mechanisms

( 15 ) My Anxious Mind

( 16 ) My Anxiety Unpicked

( 17 ) My Anxiety Manager

( 18 & 19 ) Thought To Court (example)

( 20 & 21 ) Thought To Court (your turn)


PART THREE - Making Changes & Taking Action(Instruction sheet)

( 22 ) Self-Care Styles

( 23 ) Self-Care Styles Continued 

( 24 ) My CAP Planner

( 25 ) Review Sheet

( 26 ) Daily Planner

( 27 ) Daily Schedule

( 28 & 29 ) Mood Tracker

( 30 ) A Last Word



Worksheet Dimensions - US Letter Size (8.5in X 11in)


Unless otherwise stated, the copyright is owned by the little mental health shop

You are permitted to print or download these files for your personal use only. 

No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior permission of the little mental health shop