The Life Script Programme -Downloadable Therapy Pack

The Life Script Programme -Downloadable Therapy Pack

Use this Therapy Journal to work out where your negative thoughts are coming from and how they are getting in your way.


This chunky download pack is all about breaking down the negative thought patterns that keep you trapped in a life that could be so much more!


Our 6 step programme enables you to change your life for the better and start taking action towards the way you'd like your life to be. 



Simply go through the friendly explanation sheets and fill in your workbook as you go. 


Be honest, be open and you'll be surprised at what comes out.


Trust us, this works. We've used it frequently in our private counselling practice and we've gotten some amazing results.


It's instantly downloadable, easy to use and you can work through it at your own pace.


Along with the programme, you get your own personal workbook to fill in and a link to our Facebook Page where you can pick our psychotherapist brains for further advice, guidance or just some support.


You can take this small step and make immediate changes in your life.


The Life Script works for ANYONE who finds themselves stuck, discontent and disillusioned.


When you take control of your thoughts, your life changes for the better!


Here's what you get - a whopping 46 PAGES of INFORMATION and ACTION.


( ) Part 1 - How you got in your own way

                 Your Big Beliefs about yourself

                 Identifying your own Negative Add-On Thoughts

                 Feeling the Feels Soundtrack Challenge

                 Learn what pushes your personal buttons

                 The Big 5 Behaviours as a result of negative thoughts


( ) Part 2 - Understanding your current Life Script

                  The most common Big Beliefs

                  Finding the title of your Life script

                  Taking your negative Thoughts to Court


( ) Part 3 - Re-writing your Life Script

                  How to put this into practice


( ) Sample Workbook to clearly illustrate how to use your workbook


( ) Personal workbook


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