Mental Health 'Zine - a survival guide to get you through tough days

Mental Health 'Zine - a survival guide to get you through tough days

Welcome to our Mental Health 'zine!  ** FREE POSTAGE WITHIN THE UK**


We've designed this little A6 sized booklet especially for anyone struggling with mental health issues right now. It's for anyone who feels as though they're in 'survival mode' - just making it through each day on autopilot because life has become tough. Really tough.


Feel instantly comforted and supported with 15 pages full of friendly tips and helpful words. We're both therapists so we've seen firsthand what works with our clients...and what works for us when we're struggling with our own mental health. It's not easy to shake off that black cloud but it CAN be done with a little friendly help.


AND, we've partnered up with the charity 'Papyrus' (young suicide prevention) so a portion of each sale will go directly to them! What's not to love?


Our 'zines are hand-written, hand-drawn, printed and stapled together. You can pop them into your pocket, your handbag or your desk drawer. Anywhere you think you might need that bit of reassurance.


You can order them in a colour to suit your mood - pink, yellow, lilac, green, blue or white - pick your favourite shade.


If you have a friend or family member suffering with their own mental health issues and you don't know what to say or how to help...well, we do! Send a personalised 'zine directly to their house and we'll write their name and your name in the inside cover so they'll know exactly who is thinking about them.

It's the nicest way to say, 'I know you're struggling right now, I'm here for you'.


We've popped our various socials on the back of each 'zine so you never have to feel alone. Reach out! We're always here.


We think you're awesome and we know you've got the strength to keep going. Life won't always be this hard - and just think, you've made it this far already. 


Be kind to deserve it.


Big Love,

Dee & Leanne