How To Break A Habit Therapy Workbook

How To Break A Habit Therapy Workbook

This printable 5 page workbook is all about ditching a habit ......... for good!!


Written by our colleague, experienced psychotherapist Deb Mitchinson, she shares all her best strategies which work for her clients in the Therapy Room


Pg 1 - Identifying the habit and exploring the emotions that go hand in hand with it

Pg 2 - Shove the 'shoulds' - Working with your inner narrative to create positive changes

Pg 3 - Noticing Your Need - Get in touch with what you really need right now

Pg 4 - Dealing with the dip - implementing your new routine and how to deal with any difficult bits

Pg 5 - Micro Steps matter - Breaking things right down to help you achieve your goal bit by bit


You can print off and work through this workbook at your own pace.

It's easy to understand.

You can start to make changes immediately.


Win Win


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