Your Very Own Worry Factory

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Close Down Your Worry Factory!’

‘Hello Worry, my old friend…’

Ok, so that’s not how the song goes, but that’s the way worry can make us feel. It’s deceptively delicious, like sinking your teeth into a jam doughnut. You know you’ll be racked with remorse in about, oh, 30 seconds? But right now, that sugary snack tastes so sweet, you can’t help but cram it into your cakehole.

Worry gives us the illusion of control.

It makes us feel like we can somehow influence situations and circumstances that are way beyond our ability to affect.

Worry gives us a way to run through every conceivable outcome our mind’s eye can conjure up, just so we don’t get caught with our pants down.

Worry is the buffer between our fragile, little minds and the big, bad world outside the window.

Worry can make us feel like we’re good little girls, always thinking of others but to the detriment of ourselves.

Worry might motivate us to make a lifestyle change.

Worry can be a comfort zone – a default setting.

But don’t be led down the garden path, lovely. 

While you might feel as though fretting prepares you for what may (or may not) come to pass, it can really do you some nasty lasting damage!

Positive or negative, worry is a time waster.

Think of your mind as a hamster and your worries as the wheel. Get it? Not good, right?

So, hands up. Who here is working overtime at their very own Worry Factory?

Yep, thought so. Most of you lovely ladies that have landed here.

We bombard ourselves with all of the bad things that could possibly happen, over and over again. We tell ourselves these situations could come to pass and we’re VERY convincing. Don’t pat yourself on the back, dear, it’s not a skill to celebrate. 

We get trapped in a downward spiral of negative thinking, which actually enables the things that we’re worrying about to grow gargantuan. Think ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and you’re on the right lines.

But how has it gotten SO out of hand? Well, in a nutshell, it’s all about the ‘What If’.

What if…

             What if…

                          What if…

We all worry, and we all worry about the same sorts of things. How much time we spend doing it and our difficulty disengaging from it will determine whether our Worry Factory is effective or damn near-explosive.

And what about those of you that worry ABOUT worrying?! We shudder to think.

Let us share a little secret with you.

Your ‘What Ifs’ aren’t the problem. How you react to them is the real problem. Whether your views on worrying are positive or negative, your reaction is the key.

Who knew?!

We can categorically tell you what doesn’t work;

  • Telling yourself to stop worrying. If you could do that, you wouldn’t be reading this!

  • Trying to distract yourself with anything to take away that niggle. It ain’t going to help. Sorry.

  • Positive thinking. How many times would you have to tell yourself, ‘it’ll be ok’, before you actually believed it? Hint – how many spare days have you got?

  •  Repeatedly pestering another person to tell you that it’s going to be ok. Step away.

  • Googling the problem excessively into the wee small hours in search of that elusive Eureka moment. Good luck with that, lady.

  • Excessive list making. Cough, cough – that’s a personal favourite of ours!

  • Using food, alcohol or anything else to dull the worry. That ice cream might taste really nice, but sadly it ain’t going to sort that worry out.

If any of that reminded you of yourself, you're reading the right blog. Do yourself a favour now and check out our wonderful 

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*We love hearing your comments and suggestions. So spill, how do you deal with your overwrought and wandering mind? Can you block our the badness or does your Worry Wheel keep on turnin', 24/7? Let us know in the comments!

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