Make Bedtime Your B***h

Aaah, sleep. Who doesn’t love the Land of Nod? 

That sacred, silent, private time when we are truly free to spread our starlit wings and soar into whatever dreams await.

Our bodies rest and recuperate, the stresses of the day melt away leaving us lying prone under cotton sheets, down-filled duvets, silky bedspreads or heirloom patchwork quilts. Our minds make sense of everything we’ve seen, felt, heard, showing us our day in glorious technicolour, black and white, unfathomable symbology or a blank screen.

However you dream, wherever you sleep, whenever you can fit in a few z’ have to agree that sleep is a basic human need. It separates night from day. It heralds a brand new chapter in the story of your life. It’s the human equivalent of shutting your laptop down for the night and sticking it on charge.

You need sleep

So, ask yourself, are you getting it?

Are you getting enough?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed? Do you wake multiple times in the night? Are you yawning your way through your work day? Do you clock-watch until that marvelous moment when you get to climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire?

If sleep is eluding you, sister, then it’s high time you learned how to make bedtime your bitch.

Sleep troubles are often referred to as ‘poor sleep hygiene’. Doesn’t that sound gross? No one wants that! So, what can we do?

Your first port of call is our handy (and free)...

'Sleep Diary'.

Pop your e-mail in here, download this baby and start to fill it in today.  2 weeks of this will highlight exactly where you need to make some changes to your current behaviour, routine, environment or thought patterns.

The problem may well lie in one of 3 main areas - or if you’re particularly stressed out, even in 2 or all of them! See if any of these ring alarm bells for you;

  • Your sleep environment

  • Your behaviour or routine

  • Your thinking

Most of your bog-standard, sage sleep advice focuses on environment. These are the no-brainer tips and tricks. Your bedroom needs to be a temple devoted to the 'Goddess of Gotta Snooze'. 

           We've created a lovely little freebie, just for you, listing all of the environmental errors you might be making. Chuck us your email address and we'll send it straight over!

‘B’ is for ‘Behaviour’ but also, wait for it…’baby’! Everyone knows  that babies sleep best – like a baby, you could say - with a reliable and  regular routine. You are no different, lady, so start babying yourself  today!

Bath, book, bed, the full nine yards. Warm milk, if you must, but keep  it on the small side. We don't want you waking for an unwanted wee!

(Pick up our free ticklist here and start your new bob-on bedtime                        behaviour regime today!) 

Thirdly, thoughts! Take off that thinking cap and hang it on the bedpost. Your own mind can often be the hardest thing to handle when it comes to sleep. Learning to let go of the day, the past and/or the future and just simply ‘be’ in your bed is a mammoth undertaking. Luckily, we’ve got you covered (and we don’t mean in the duvet sense of the word, that’s your department).

We’ve got magic Mindfulness tips, ways to switch off the worry, and tricks to teach your wild mind to calm down. Use our 

'How To Sleep More’ WorkChic

and let us help retrain your brain to catch that sleepy train. Choo choo! Take it as a solo sheet or invite all of its friends for a sleepover with our 'Life Bundle'.

*We disagree that snoozing = losing. As far as we're concerned, if you're able to sleep, you're doing something right. That makes you a winner! We want to know how you guys get to the Land of Nod. Drop us a comment and help out your fellow femmes!

And, as a big, fat thanks for reading all of that, we have a juicy reward for you...

All you have to do is click here to download our totally free, super-cute Mini Mind Map!

It’s a brilliant way of checking in with yourself – actually, when was the last time you did that?

This Mind Map is the fastest way of learning what's working, what's not, where you need to make changes and how.

Sound good to you?

That's because it is!

We always like to begin with this when starting any sort of soul-searching venture. Its fab, effective and full of fanciness. You could say it's a 'pretty' useful tool to find the true you – and you would not be wrong!

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