Jealous Schmealous

adies, ladies, ladies.

Who hasn’t been in the grip of the green-eyed monster at some point in their lives? Or, if we’re honest, at MOST points. Being jealous is as natural as breathing! It’s all part and parcel of our delightful DNA. We’re protective over our partners, territorial about our…well, territory!

We’re lionesses at large and we don’t take kindly to traitors, backstabbers or bitches, especially if they’ve got their beady eyes on our man, woman, friends or stuff!! All that eagle-eyed wariness takes up a lot of energy though, right? I mean living on your nerves, in fear of everything you love being snatched away at a moment’s notice? You’re tense, untrusting, tetchy and goddam tired!

So how would it feel to be able to unwind, unclench and breeeeeathe? Everybody wants that lighter-than-air, smug–as–hell surety in their relationships, so let’s get started and get you yours!

Sometimes, jealousy can be just the ticket – it can help you to see, with crystal clear clarity, who and what you really appreciate in life…who is worth the bother and who needs weeding out. It can actually motivate you to go out and grab what you want, whether that’s a hot, new hunk or a gym bunny bod.

Aaaaand then, jealousy can be toxic. It can really rob you of your get up and go and leave you wallowing in whys and woes. It can lead to destructive behaviour and ultimately break even the best of relationships apart, if left unchecked.

We’re talking about that out-of-control feeling that sprouts those poisonous thoughts, which you ABSOLUTELY believe to be true, no matter how hard you try to rationalise things.

  • ‘OMG, my partner will defo find that other person more attractive than me and run away with them. Maybe that new neighbour at number 4. Oh, I wish she hadn’t moved in. That’s a break up waiting to happen!’

  • ‘Grr, she’s so popular and pretty. Why would anyone ever look at me when she’s around? I might as well never bother going out again’.

  • ‘What the hell is my partner doing on FB again. I bet he’s secretly messaging someone. I know he commented on a girl’s profile the other day. That bitch, trying to steal my man!!’

  • ‘Sweet Jesus! What the hell is he doing commenting on that girl’s picture? Ooooh, she’s got skinnier legs than me. He’s defo up to something. I must secretly look at his phone messages when he’s asleep later. I bet he’s texting her!’

  • ‘Oh goody, this weeks Heat magazine. Oh no, Holly Willoughby has epic curves and Jennifer Lawrence has the best boobs. I’m so ugly. Even if I work out all year, I’m never going to look like that!’

Lil’ bit of research for you here…

  • FACT - Snapchat creates more jealousy than other social media sites! 

  • FACT - The more people monitor their partner’s social media accounts, the more jealousy they feel. 

  • FACT - The higher the use of FB, the higher the levels of jealousy!

So, we’ve created a life-affirming list;

'10 of Our Best Tips to Help You Break Up With Jealousy',

which you can get your mitts on for freeeeeee! And if you like that little slice, you'll love our WorkChics...we cover everything from rocky relationships to stepping up the self-care. Why not have a peek at our 'Life Bundle' while you're here, hun?

*FYI, we absolutely adore hearing from you lot. Do you have any hints, tips or factoids for our followers? How do you get rid of those ol' green eyes...or are they a permanent fixture? Let us know!

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