If You're Not Happy And You Know It

Clap your hands! Not really.

You probably don’t feel much like clapping anyhow, right? Well bear with us for just a minute, we promise it’ll be worth your while. Depending on what your watch says when you read this, just stop for a second and have a little think.

Take stock, sister.

If it’s in the AM, cast your mind back to yesterday. If Madam Moon has clocked on for the night shift, think about the day you’ve just done.

What are your overriding emotions?

Are you actively dreading the next 12 or so hours?

Do you want to bury your head under your blankets and hope morning never comes?

Maybe you feel numb – you’re drawing a blank because you got through your day on autopilot with copious amounts of coffee, your liquid lover.

Whatever the feels feel like, if they’re sliding down towards the negative end of the scale, read on, lovely, read on.

We think you need to take a look at our custom


and check in with yourself. Slide us your e-mail address, sister, and we’ll pop a copy into your inbox right away! Fill it in, sit back (with coffee, wine, we don’t mind) and look upon your last 24 hours with fresh peepers.

Does it look terrible? As bad as you anticipated? Worse?

Ok, don’t panic. This is where we start to show you that good things are already happening. They may be teeny-tiny – so small you overlook them and get on with grumping through your day – but they are there.

Download our magical 

‘Map Those Marvels’ WorkChic

and work through it, bit by bit. You can either grab your WorkChic on its own or take advantage of our 'Life Bundle'. It's up to you, lady, you have the power!

Recall all of those little sparks of satisfaction that stand out. The glimmers of goodness, like gliding through every green light on the way home. Did you throw a smile at a stranger and get one back? Score! Was the sun shining on your lunch break? Amazing! Did a co-worker compliment you on your cute shoes? Get in!

See what we mean? These are the glints of greatness that won’t have been included on your ‘DAYMAP’. Why? Because as humans on the hamster wheel of life, we’re simply not used to focusing on the fabulous. We come from a long line of ‘woe is me’ whiners and complainers and it becomes second nature to slag off, bitch, mope and moan. 

We’re battered by bad news from every angle – it’s on our television sets, in our magazines and newspapers, on our car radios and foisted upon us via Facebook. All of that rubbishness is bound to rub off and leave us feeling like life ain’t worth the bother. We wait and wait for the good things to come, and lie awake wondering why Lady Luck has forsaken us.

Well no more! It’s no secret that how you feel dictates what kind of a day you will have. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed and watch out world, right?

We know that the key to nurturing those soft and fluffy feels is to become aware of them when they happen, however fleeting, however few. Being aware of them means that you’ll soon be in a totally different mindset. You’ll be watching for wonders and finding them in the weirdest places, we guarantee!

But above all, you’ll be happier. Life doesn’t have to be about standing on a dry dock waiting patiently for your ship to come in. Look around – there are shells to collect, warm waves to paddle in and sea breezes to savour. So, kick off your shoes and learn to appreciate what’s already going on around you. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

*Give our growing gang a helping hand. If you have a recipe for Instant Happy that works for you, get it shared! You might just brighten someone’s day and you'll defo make us do our happy dance!

And, as a big, fat thanks for reading all of that, we have a juicy reward for you...

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This Mind Map is the fastest way of learning what's working, what's not, where you need to make changes and how.

Sound good to you?

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We always like to begin with this when starting any sort of soul-searching venture. Its fab, effective and full of fanciness. You could say it's a 'pretty' useful tool to find the true you – and you would not be wrong!

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