2,4,6,8 Who Do You Appreciate

Hey ladies, we’ve got a quick question for you.

How often do you make a point of telling those who matter that they…well, matter? And we don’t mean bowing down to your bestie or composing a sonnet for your significant other, nothing as cheese-factor as that. We’re talking small asides, not grandiose gestures. The lift to work? The un-asked for cup of tea? The personal post on FB? The warm, unexpected hug? It’s a tale as old as time – you’ve got to appreciate your A-Team!

Even a century ago, philosopher, William James, was spreading the good word when he discovered that,

‘the deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated’.

We like to be reminded that we’re necessary and that we’re doing a good job, us humans. Giving thanks shouldn’t be saved for special occasions like Christmas or New Year when you’ve had a few too many and you’re feeling that weepy wine love.

There’s masses of research revealing the benefits of counting your blessings every damn day! For you, feeling these fuzzies can actually reduce your levels of negative emotion – who doesn’t want to feel less frustrated, resentful, jealous and jaded?! It’s hard to feel hard-done-to when you’re busy noticing your blessings – we guarantee, there are almost too many to count. And for all of our sleep-deprived sisters, gratitude can really help you grab those zzzzz. That’s right, a 2011 study in ‘Applied Psychology: Health and Wellbeing’ suggests spending a mere fifteen mins before bed simply scribbling a list of who or what you’ve been wowed by that day. Make this a regular thing and you could soon be sleeping like the proverbial baby.

World-renowned master of all things thankful, Professor Robert A. Emmons, has proven that gratitude effectively increases well-being, confidence and happiness, not just in you but in those you associate with. By learning how to be humble, your socks will soon be knocked off by the changes in your life; revitalised resilience to down days and drama, super-charged self-esteem, wonders occurring in the work place, the list goes on.

For your friends, family, loved ones and workmates, your new ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ can foster so much good feeling, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to miss just how much they do for you. By acknowledging what our most precious of peeps bring to our lives, we are essentially giving them a gift that money cannot buy and Santa cannot bring on his sleigh. Sharing your sentiments on what you love about others can cultivate the connection you already share and leave you AND them feeling Ab Fab! And if those around us are happy, who feels like complaining, right?

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*A moment of your time, chicas. We love your comments, your words, your wisdom. You might say we 'appreciate' you all! Let us know your own ingenious ways to let those you love know just that, Has anyone done anything nice for YOU lately? Share those fluffy feels.

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