Dee and Leanne at your service!

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Well hello, Dee and Leanne here, at your service, ready and willing to work wonders!
We want to help you. And you know what? We know we can!Take your time and have a little read –we’ll tell you more about us, what we do and why we do it.The Dynamic Duo.We’re psychotherapists by trade but you can call us counsellors, if that seems a little less lah-di-dah .More importantly –we feel –we are human beings who experience life’s challenges, just like everyone else. We know how exhausting this constant chaotic juggling act can be and we’re not ashamed to admit we’ve both dropped the ball on more than one occasion. Who hasn’t!?We’re wives, mums, colleagues, friends, daughters, business-women, pet-owners...the list goes on. (We also happen to be pretty awesome counsellors, if we do say so ourselves!)We’re each unique and professionally qualified to assist you on your journey back to being your best ‘you’.